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Tax Debt Relief

Why Choose Adams & Associates for Tax Debt Relief?

1. We have over a 95% acceptance rate with the IRS & Department of Revenue.

2. We won't take on your case if we don't think we can reduce your back taxes dramatically.

3. We are NOT a national company. We specialize in the state of Kansas and deal with the IRS, the Kansas Department of Revenue, and Department of Labor.

4. Face to face meetings means we will understand your situation fully and faster to get your tax debt solved.

5. The first step is to fill out the form or call us and we'll get you set up for a evaluation at no cost unless you choose to proceed.

The Tax Debt Relief Experts Serving Wichita

When it comes to tax debt, dealing with the IRS can be a scary process. There's the fear of the unknown the complicated laws and rules, and the very real threat of a large fine or even jail time.

Whether an individual taxpayer, or a business owner, it's important to know that you do not have to resolve your tax problems by yourself. For a trusted, proven tax advisor, turn to Adams & Associates.

Our experienced, accredited team understands the process and knows your rights. We can take the fear and uncertainty out of the tax debt relief process, helping guide you to a quick and satisfactory resolution, allowing you to resume your life free of tax debt.

Our Wichita, KS tax debt relief program is structured to assist anyone - both individuals and businesses - who may have been struggling to meet their tax obligations and who may now be delinquent on their payments.

How Does Adams & Associates Assist With Relieving Tax Debt?

As experienced, knowledgeable CPAs, we're tax experts, with the knowledge and ability to address any tax debt situation. We know the tax laws, we understand the process, and we have a history of reducing penalties and securing favorable payment plans.

Put An End To The Harassing Phone Calls and Letters

For starters, we can stop the harassing phone calls and letters from the IRS or other tax collection agencies. Unless you're actively working within their process to fix the problem, they will continue to bombard you with collection demands. We can pause the collection efforts, allowing you to take a breath, and start working toward a resolution.

Lower The Amount of Tax Debt That You Have

It can be a vicious cycle. Fall behind in paying your taxes and your debt will quickly grow even larger, forcing you even farther behind. But, secretly, the IRS just wants to settle your account, and like many bill collectors, are willing to make a deal. As experienced tax debt relief experts in Wichita, KS, we have the ability to negotiate with the IRS and/or state on your behalf. We know exactly what to do, what to say, and how to do it.

Lower or Completely Wash Away Your Tax Penalties

Your tax debt is likely inflated due to owed penalties. We can negotiate with the IRS and other agencies to possibly waive some of the penalties in exchange for paying off the owed balance.

Working with the Adams & Associates, our goal is provide a customer-friendly, reduced-stress experience when it comes to tax debt. Beware of those faceless tax firms that claim to have your interests first. Instead choose the local firm preferred by thousands of your friends and neighbors.

We're here for you, we're always accessible, and we're ready to help you get out from under this burden.

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